PURPLE BUD AUTOMATIC (5 seeds) White Label


Feminised autoflowering seeds of Purple Bud strain by White Label Seed Company. Package of 5 seeds

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Bezpečnostné pravidlá (upraviť pomocou modulu Ubezpečenia zákazníka)


Pravidlá doručovania (upraviť pomocou modulu Ubezpečenia zákazníka)


Pravidlá vrátenia tovaru (upraviť pomocou modulu Ubezpečenia zákazníka)

Genetics: Ruderalis / Indica / Sativa

Short time of cultivation: cca 13 – 14 weeks since starting to harvest, with the last 8 – 10 weeks devoted to flowering

THC Medium

CBD Medium

Medium Yield

Height of plant: 90 – 140 cm

Purple Bud Automatic has some immutable features. Big and heavy buds, expressive smells and generous dusting with sweet trichomes. Its famous genetics is made of ancestors of some of the best marijuana strains. Its branched family tree benefits of renown strains as is Hindu Kush, prestigeous california medicinal strains and renown jamaican genetics.

Purple Bud Automatic has an overall cultivation time of 13 to 14 weeks, with the last 8 to 10 weeks devoted to flowering. This means that plants enter their blooming period automatically, after about 4 to 6 weeks of vegetative growth, regardless of the photoperiod (light hours per day). At the end of their growing and flowering periods, mature plants typically range in height from 90 to 140cm and are often bent under the weight of their resinous purple flowers.

Dried buds taste and smell just as delicious as they look with a rich, resinous pine-sandalwood flavour and sweet, fruity, musky undertones.

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